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8 Responses to Scratch Your Eyes Out - Feeders - Käften 001 (File)

  1. Dojas says:
    Jun 03,  · Just happened at 3 am this morning. Was sleeping and something spooked Bella, my cat. Thought my eye was tearing, but when I got up it was frank blood. Flushed eye profusely w sterile saline. I went to the ER (I work at a hospital and know the fol.
  2. Kigagor says:
    DON'T rub your eye. Rubbing your eye can make the scratch worse. DON'T touch your eye with anything. Fingers, cotton swabs and other objects won't help remove any foreign objects and could hurt your eye more. The object that caused the scratch may be gone even though you still feel like something is in your eye. DON'T wear your contact lenses.
  3. Gukinos says:
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  4. Kalkis says:
    Yes, to some extent. If you feel like there is something in your eye, avoid rubbing it to stop further damage. Always wear eye protection when there is a risk of eye damage – for example working in a dusty environment or amongst thick vegetation and when doing DIY. If you do feel something in the eye, blink a few times to see if this dislodges it and, if not, gently rinse your eye out with.
  5. Sall says:
    Sep 10,  · He's scratching that little bald-ish area that sits between his eyes and ears until it bleeds. No fleas, no ear mites, the insides of his ears look normal with no redness or swelling and no funky wax. His eyes are fine, too. No running, no redness, swelling .
  6. Doulmaran says:
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  7. Kektilar says:
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  8. Taule says:
    Feeders, Category: Artist, Singles: Käften , Western Idol, Top Tracks: Milk & Cookies, Maximilian, Teardrenched Pillow, Scratch Your Eyes Out, Jezebel, Monthly.

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