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9 Responses to You Got Me In This Mess (I Aint Gonna Do It No More) - Georgia Tom - 1929–1930 (Vinyl, LP)

  1. Tojajas says:
    It's gonna be me.. [JC:] You've got no choice, babe But to move on, and you know There ain't no time to waste You're just too blind (too blind), too see But in the end, ya know it's gonna be me You can't deny So just tell me why Every little thing I do Never seems enough for you You don't wanna lose it again But I'm not like them Baby, when you.
  2. Mibar says:
    You Ain't Got Me Lyrics: You've gotten use to / No one to hold you / Maybe you're good at all alone / You ain't pretending / You're some helpless princess / And you ain't waiting by the phone.
  3. Moogunos says:
    I had a dream We were sipping whiskey neat Highest floor, The Bowery Nowhere's high enough Somewhere along the lines We stopped seeing eye to eye You were staying out all night And I had enough No, I don't wanna know Where you been or where you're goin' But I know I won't be home And you'll be on your own Who's gonna walk you through the dark side of the morning?
  4. Vigor says:
    Hear Me Beefin' At You: A6: Dark Hour Blues: A7: Six Shooter Blues: A8: My Texas Blues: A9: Pig Meat Blues: A You Got Me In This Mess (I Ain't Gonna Do It No More) B1: Mama's Leaving Town: B2: The Duck's Yas Yas Yas: B3: Then My Gal's In Town: B4: You Got That Stuff: B5: Don't Mean To Mistreat You: B6: What's That I Smell? B7: It's Been So.
  5. Nizuru says:
    Aug 29,  · You Got Me, from the new Colbie Caillat album Breakthrough. I do not own this Lyrics You're stuck on me and my laughing eyes I cant pretend though I try to hide I like you. I like you.
  6. Meztitaur says:
    You'll get no more of me So I'll take back my heart from that willow bough I'll hang my tears out to dry I'll hang my head in sorrow no more And no more tears will I cry So take your cold unloving heart Your eyes too blinded to see You never found the door to this heart of mine You'll get no more of me You'll get no more of me.
  7. Kalmaran says:
    May 24,  · I haven't lied or cheated and I don't want to, so I need to make a clean break or I'm afraid I'll really mess things up. I'm sorry I've led you to believe I could be more committed. I can't". (If.
  8. Darisar says:
    Oh, it ain't gonna rain no more, no more It ain't gonna rain no more How in the heck can I wash around my neck if it ain't gonna rain no more A bum sat by the sewer And by the sewer he died And at the coroners inquest They called it 'sewer side' - Chorus A peanut sat on the railroad track It's heart was all a-flutter Along came the
  9. Galkree says:
    And I can't see the sun no more I'ma have to fight my way If I'm ever gonna get back, get back, ge get back The rain is knockin at my door And I can't see the sun no more I'ma have to fight my way If I'm ever gonna get back (Verse one) Yo picture this You Got a kid in a room His hands sweatin and shakin while he's lacin his shoes.

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